Everyone, not just nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, can channel their love of the environment to the protection of endangered animals by giving some of their outdoor gear. If you are a hiker, skiier, cycler, Search and Rescue volunteer, Ski Patrol volunteer, etc, you know you have some extra gear that could be used by an anti-poaching patrol. Donate it!

We accept any sporting gear, whether it can be used for anti-poaching or not. Gear that cannot be used for anti-poaching (bicycles, skis, mountaineering gear, etc) is sold at one of our public sales, and all proceeds go to our programs in Africa. So if your sport is backcountry skiing or cycling, you can still donate some of your gear and make a difference.

Listed below are specific items that are needed for anti-poaching in Africa. New and used gear is needed, as long as it works as intended and has no malfunctions.

Gear needed:

• Nightvision/Thermal Imaging equipment
• Tracksticks (
• Handheld Garmin Gps devices
• PDAs for using the Cybertracker software (
• Kenwood or Motorola handheld radios
• Batteries for handheld radios (Kenwood or Motorola)
• Digital cameras
• SD cards for cameras
• Field notebooks
• First aid kits & first aid supplies (field dressings, Israeli bandages, saline etc.)
• Rugged boots
• Webbing
• Belts, bush hats, socks etc.
• Rain gear (in neutral colors please)
• Handcuffs and cable ties
• Binoculars, compasses, mobile/cell phones
• Flashlights, head torches, lanterns
• Batteries for large Maglite torches (C cell)
• Camel backs, bladders, water bottles, etc.
• Firefighting equipment