Equipment Program

In partnership with community anti-poaching scouts, ESPFund has supported an anti-poaching program near Tsavo West Park, in southern Kenya, just across the border from Tanzania. This area is seeing more poachers crossing over the border from Tanzania and is a significant route for trafficking of ivory. With the growth in the illicit ivory trade, the Kenyan elephant population is under increasing attack.

We supply equipment to the brave and tenacious anti-poaching rangers from the Tsavo West area. Anti-poaching rangers in this area are underserved and underfunded, and Seattle-based ESPFund is working to make this area unsafe for poachers.

At this time we are seeking donations for:

1. Thermal night vision ($3500 USD)

2. A pre-owned (ok, used) Toyota Landcruiser truck ($25000 USD)

3. Salary and rations for 12 wildlife rangers  ($24000 USD)

4. Uniforms, boots, raingear, backpacks, and camel backs for 12 wildlife rangers ($4000 USD)

Elephants and rhinos are both present in Tsavo West, and they are being killed.  Donations and grants will dramatically boost the protection of these animals.  Every dollar of every donation goes straight to the field.