Our People

Scott GMFERScott Nelson, founder and managing director. He has been active in animal welfare fundraising and outreach for over 10 years. As a former corporate financial analyst in charge of multimillion dollar portfolios, and as a technology project manager, he has a strong project development skillset. As an outdoor medical technician and as a search and rescue volunteer, he has the ability to think clearly under pressure. He has a BSc in business administration and finance, and advanced training in outdoor survival and medical care.

Elephant poaching has been a concern of mine since being a teen. With CITES resolutions providing some stability to African species, I was happy to write checks to a few NGOs who were doing good work. But with the surge of poaching in the last few years and the imminent extinction of elephants and rhinos, and with the clear ties between poaching and terrorism, I saw that this problem requires everyone to get involved and I was compelled to do more. ESPFund is the result.”


Justin Neff, treasurer. Justin is a CPA and senior manager at a large accounting and consulting firm. He brings professional oversight and guidance to our projects.

secretary. Jean is a writer for a software company in the Seattle area. She is a Jean of all trades, with a passion for social media and photography, as well as experience with many well respected animal welfare non-profits.

I’ve been involved with animal welfare and animal rights issues for many years. I appreciate all animals, and I’ve worked on various projects from helping feral cats in urban areas, to helping wild animals maintain their habitats. Some recent projects I’ve been involved with are working to end the use of elephants and other wild animals in circuses, and working locally with people interested in transitioning to plant-based diets.

Dr. Douglas Sullivan, director. Dr. Sullivan brings many years of passionate animal advocacy and a global network of conservationists to our projects.

Wendy Enden, Marketing and fundraising coordinator, photographer. Wendy is a passionate animal welfare advocate and talented photographer. Her talents are helping ESPFund reach the next milestone.

Deanna Smit, graphic designer. Deanna is a graphic design pro, and like everyone else on our staff, she is multi-talented. She designs graphics, she sings, she acts, and best of all, she is passionate about helping animals.

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